Tightener - parts preparation

Step 1

Take L – profile dimensions 40 x 40mm, 3mm thick and cut it to the length 80mm.



  • 6 x 40 x 40 x 80 L profile

Step 2

First cut the perpendiclar notch in the middle of one side of the profile. Then cut out one side up to that notch with an angle grinder. Grind the cutted edge to make an even surface with the other side.

Cut three profiles for left sided tighteners and three for right sided tighteners.

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Step 3

Drill one 8 mm hole and two 6 mm holes on the side without the notch. The holes are in the center transversely. 8 mm hole is 20 mm from the edge. First 6 mm hole is 7 mm from the other edge and second 6 mm hole is 25 mm apart from the first one.


Step 4

Make three profiles for left and three profiles for the right tighteners.


Make sure that the profiles for left and the right tighteners are symmetrically opposite.